Monday, December 31, 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Our trip to Cleveland was fun; Kendal had a great Christmas and got a lot of great gifts! Thank you everyone for your generosity! We truly appreciate it! Cheeto made the trip with us in the new minivan and did just fine. Traveling was much easier with the extra space... I guess that's why we bought it!

Anyway, we hope everyone had a great Christmas as well and has a safe and happy new year! Recent pictures below:

Look at my new chair!

Wee... thanks Mandy!

My new necklace...

Gimmie five!

The McDonnell's

Mike's favorite new hat... thanks Paul!

Kendal and aunt Maggie

I like to open presents...

Kendal doing to dora dance...

Feed me!

Kendal coloring at lunch...

Kendal vacuuming!

Look at my belly!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Things have been busy lately (as always) trying to get ready for Christmas. We have not had a chance to make Christmas cards; so we may just do New Years cards, or skip it all together this year... we will see. Otherwise, all is going well! Recent pictures below:

Kendal helping daddy shovel the driveway

Playing in the snow!

It sure is cold out here!

Merry Christmas!

Good boy Cheeto.


The kids last night at the annual neighbors gift exchange!


Last one!

22 week ultrasound, look at my foot...


Saturday, December 15, 2007

We've been elf'd...

A cute picture from this afternoon as well:

Marnie's new ride...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas is almost here! This past weekend Kendal got a visit from grandpa and grandma Schmidt. That allowed me to get a lot done, including some Christmas shopping. I got Marnie a sweet @#$%^*$... like I'm that stupid.

Kendal really enjoyed the company and was fairly upset when they left. She starred at the front door for 10 more minutes saying "PAPA", that's what she calls my dad. She missed you too mom!

Some pictures are below:

Kendal and Grandpa

Kendal and her new kitty

Kendal playing on her new travel bed

Kendal and grandma brushing teeth

Listening to some tunes...

Monday, December 03, 2007

I made it to the 21 week mark! I am actually feeling pretty good and enjoying eating a lot more than when I was pregnant with Kendal. Unfortunately, I want to eat sweet food all the time. I will definitely put on more weight this time than the last.
Last week I attempted to see what it will be like with more than one child. I volunteered to watch Ben and Maddy while all the parents went to open volleyball to get in a practice prior to their first game tonight. It went ok, but open gym was from 8pm to 10pm, pretty much all 3 were tired and ready for bed. Plus Kendal is still fighting her lingering winter cold. I am definitely not ready for triplets. I was whooped by the time volleyball was over. But I did find a few minutes to whip up some brownies for us.

Mandy and Aunt Maggie came to visit last weekend. We just hung out at home, and enjoyed the time with Kendal. We enjoyed lots of food, and I actually cooked most of it. Maybe I can be a stay at home mom???

Kendal is talking like crazy and loves the Wonder Pets and the Wiggles. Every time she sees the TV remote she asks for Ming Ming (one of the wonder pets). She does the Monkey Wiggles dance all the time making the monkey and tiger sounds, doing baby squats wile dancing around the room. Mike has it on video, someday once our lives slow down we will get it on here. Kendal must either be going through a growing spurt or getting some new teeth, she has NOT been sleeping good! On average she is waking up once a night for about an hour at a time. Or she is just getting us ready for the next child. She loves to give Cheeto hugs and jump all over him. We are sure lucky to have a dog that puts up with so much. Kendal is starting to bring us diapers and the changing pad when she wants her diaper changed. She also will tell you, "I pooped". Maybe we should start potty training soon?

We are working on Kendal's new room. We are going with a dark brown and pink theme. We are hoping to have the room done soon, so that after Christmas we can put her in her big girl bed.

Hope all are well. Enjoy some new pictures below:

Kendal, Cheeto, and Daddy

Kendal in her Dora table!

Kendal riding her giraffe...

Kendal and Mommy

Bananas anyone?

Kendal in her new Christmas pajamas!

Kendal in her new travel bed...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I know it has been months since I actually posted something here. All in all, I am feeling good; hard to believe I am going to be a mom to two girls in just a few months. I am not much of a picture person, so I doubt you will be getting belly shots of me prego.

Kendal is talking more and more everyday, and getting very good at imitating everything we do. She is getting good at watching football, knowing when to yell GO! GO! GO! and Down (her version of touchdown). It’s not always for the right team but it is cute when she throws her arms up in the air. She even did it for the Madden 08 commercial.

We had a few people over for the big game this weekend. Kendal woke up just before kick off and had a great time playing with her friends while we watched the game. We had so many yummy things to eat here, I am afraid to see what I will weigh after this weekend and Thanksgiving. Kendal and Maddy were playing very nicely together, with only a few fights that had to be broken up. Poor Ben is still getting beat up by these girls. Sooner or later he will get tired of it and pay the girls back for being so mean.

Enjoy some recent pictures below:

Sunday, November 04, 2007

It's a Girl! We had a 16 week ultrasound on Friday and the tech was 100% positive it is a girl. Picture below. Looks like we won't need to buy anymore clothes. We are very excited!

Halloween was fun; Kendal got to go trick or treating twice. Once with me downtown last weekend and again on Halloween night in our neighborhood. She did great and figured out what to do in no time. There are plenty of good pictures on Ben and Maddy's blogs as well. Pics below:

16 week Ultrasound

Daddy and Kendal in her castle!

Kendal in her bee costume!

Daddy and Kendal downtown...


Kendal, Ben, Greg, and I

Peek a boo!

Come here Cheeto!

Ooh La La

Yes, I know I'm cute

Kendal steals Ben's candy

They're really not sleeping

the kids...

Sugar high!

Kendal's new favorite toy for the day