Saturday, January 12, 2008

Kendal is officially a big girl now! We decided to move her into our other spare bedroom in anticipation of her little sister. We decided to do it early just in case she did not cooperate. Well, the first night was tough, but after a couple nights she is doing great. We repainted the room "girly" colors and bought her some new furniture and bedding. We plan to just leave her old room and furniture exactly as is for the new baby. All ready now... hurry up Marnie! Pictures below:

What else is new...? Our Volleyball team is 18-0 this season thus far. We call ourselves the Patriots! I'm not much help though, we just hit it to Jason and he tomahawk's it off an opposing players head most of the time.

We bought a Wii! We have been looking for awhile and could never find enough free time to wait in line for one so I bought one on eBay. It's a lot of fun! All the neighbors came over a few times for some tennis and bowling tournaments. Other than that I'm still bummed about how football season ended this year... it's only a game. Maybe next year.

Kendal and Marnie are doing great as well. Marnie is much better this time around. She is starting to complain about some swelling, so we will see how she handles it down the stretch. Kendal is still discovering new things everyday. Her latest infatuation is the “potty”. Some kids at daycare are getting trained and Maddy is starting to figure it out so Kendal of course always wants to sit on the potty! We haven’t had that magical moment yet but I’m sure it will come soon. We will see if she sticks to it though. Have a great rest of the weekend! Happy Birthday Paps! Take care everyone!

Greg playing Wii, he is not very good.

Jason... good form!

Sarah... not bad, better than your husband…

Mark, Shelly, Brenden, and Olivia. Brenden is actually really good at tennis (only 3 years old!)

Kendal after a fine meal cooked by Marnie... not kidding, she is actually cooking a lot lately!