Tuesday, April 24, 2007

We're back! Mexico was fun... except for the fact that I got sick on day two and am still feeling the after effects today. I made the best of it and tried to not let it get in the way of our vacation. We just spent a little extra time relaxing by the pool working on our tans... this was fine with me. Everyone told us Kendal was great when we were gone. Thanks again for all your help Mom, Dad, Timmy, Mandy, John, Aunt Maggie, and Uncle Mike! We could not have pulled this off without all your help!

When we returned it was so nice to see our little girl! We had an eventful weekend as we spend the better half of the first 24hours searching for Tigger as she decided to make a hole in our back door screen and terrorize the neighborhood. We found her though with the help of all our wonderful neighbors.

Monday night, Kendal and I went to swim lessons.

Below are some pictures/video of our trip and some of Kendal when she was in Cleveland and after we got home:

Kendal using her walker!

Again... running into Cheeto this time

Kendal and I at swimming lessons; she tries to steal another girls pacifier

Kendal kicking the ball around in the pool

Marnie's favorite lizard

Mike gets attacked by fish

Marnie say's hi to the camera

Marnie can ride a bike!

Mike jumps off a cliff

Marnie's fishy friend

The big fish again

A lizard steal's Marnie banana

Monday, April 09, 2007

Well, it’s about that time... Marnie and I leave for Mexico on Thursday night. We will be gone just over a week and loving every minute of it... hopefully. My biggest concern is us being away from Kendal for so long. I'm sure we will be fine, but I hope missing her doesn't affect the trip. We have been saving and planning this trip for awhile and will be our first, full week, fun in the sun, vacation since before we got married.

The basement project is on hold this week as I need to get ready for the trip. I got pretty far and the end is in sight. Everything is primed and the ceilings are done. The trim is all cut and painted. The door is up and painted as well.

Kendal has been great as well over the past few weeks. She is starting to take tiny wobbly steps if you hold her arms up. As well, if you leave her standing against the ottoman, she will make her way around it to get to any toys on the other side. She has perfected the crawling thing and now she seems to destroy anything in her path... we definitely have to keep a closer eye on her now.

Below are a couple funny videos of Kendal over the last week. There is another of her walking around the ottoman, but its too big right now to upload... maybe next time. Enjoy!

Kendal not listening to mommy...

Kendal tries to catch water in her hands...

Recent pics are below:

Kendal in her favorite new toy... a diaper box

Yo... sup dooode

Let me out, please!

High five Dad!

Kendal and daddy after a messy meal

I do not think I can fit anything else in my mouth...

Here you go...

Look I can stand!