Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Well, the big day is almost here! We are getting excited for Kendal's parties! We are in Cleveland this weekend and back here on the 9th. Kendal is feeling much better now; she only has a few days left of her antibiotic and then we are done. She doesn't seem to enjoy the humidity lately, but who does. She officially took her first steps a few weeks ago, but is now up to about 6 before she dives at you! We got plenty of it on video, see below. Take care; hope to see most of you this coming weekend or next!

Kendal's first step!

Three steps now...

More walking...

This evening crawling with her ducky...

Recent pictures are below... first take a peak over at Kendal's best friends blog (Miss Maddy) for some good Kendal pictures from this weekend! (click here or click the link on the sidebar)

I'm never giving up my bottle!


Look at my toy...

Check out my pigtails... thanks Karen!

Yes, I know I have no pants on!


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Well, the weekend is over... and we are definately not ready for a 2nd child! It would not have been that bad if Kendal wasn't so sick and we didn't have to go to the pediatrician again on Saturday and the Urgent Care today. Kendal's fever got up to 103.6 degrees a couple times. Scary huh. Motrin would bring the fever down, but only for so long. They finally figured out what was wrong with her today and she is on antibiotics and should be good to go in 48 hours. She has a bladder infection. The doc said it was from to many bubble baths! Seems kind of odd, huh. He said two baths a week and not to put the soap in the water, just on her wash cloth. As well, no extended play time in the tub... boo!

On Saturday, Laura and Dave brought Max over for some play time with Kendal. What a happy kid he is, always smiling! I think Kendal has a crush. Sorry Ben. Thanks for the Octabong Dave!

Today was a little chilly out, but Marnie still managed to take both babies for a walk while I helped Greg with his deck. It turned out nice... now we can have cookouts at the Abbott's this summer! We spent the rest of the day trying to relax after Jaclynn and Jason picked up Maddy. She did great this weekend; What a well behaved kid... take some pointers Kendal!

A few videos and some pictures from this weekend are below... go Cavs!

Big Ben on Saturday night!

A long one of Maddy and Kendal (56K no way!)

Cheeto in his bed

Kendal and her ducky... I'm sick mom!

Miss Maddy!

No, we did not give him the beer


Marnie and Max

Big Ben!

Max beating up Ben

Ben fighting back

Bad Kendal

Kendal and Maddy's first bath together

Friday, May 18, 2007

Well, I had thought this weekend would be better than the last... so far that is not the case. I had to leave work early to go pickup Kendal since she was running a fever at daycare. I took her to the pediatrician and they said it looks like the start of an ear or upper respiratory infection... great. She did OK today, so we will see tomorrow.

Since we haven't posted in awhile, I can give the update for last weekend... Saturday was a day I would like to forget. I was all excited since I was buying Marnie a surprise Mother's Day present (new bike). Well, since my car is not the biggest, I borrowed my buddy’s truck to go pick it up. To make a really long story, reasonably short, the truck broke down on the highway, and Kendal and I were stranded until we could get a ride home and leave the truck. She was not in the greatest of moods since I was out of food for her, except for animal crackers... and that just made her thirstier. Luckily, my friend from work (Isis) came to visit and was able to take me back to the truck later that evening to get our stuff and the bike. Too bad I had to take part of the bike apart to fit it in her car. You better like this bike Marnie! Thanks for your help Isis! I ended up getting the truck towed the next morning. Not fun.

Let's hope tomorrow is better, we will see as we are watching Maddy for the day and she is sick as well. Wish us luck! At least the basement is finished! Some recent pictures are below:

All smiles!

Innocent Kendal

Kendal practicing for swimming class


The Heisman pose!

Finished basement


Kendal's new TV!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Kendal has found a new toy to play with, the toilet! She laughs as she splashes the water all over the bathroom. She has learned how to put the toilet seat up and down, and almost has had her first swirly. I think we can all agree that Kendal should not be doing this much more so we invested in some toilet seat locks... if we could only figure out how to work them?

Believe it or not Kendal has gotten even faster up the steps... we managed to get some of it on video. See below. Since this is not something we think she should be doing on her own we bought a couple gates for the steps this evening. Mike installed them without swearing once... good job hunny!

Last night was sweet, we had about 20 people over for Cinco de Mayo... 6 of them were kids under 4 years old... thus, it was eventful. Gladly nothing or no one got broken. After the kids went to sleep the old folks had a few pops and relaxed. Good night, were still feeling it tonight.

We took a trip down to T-Town today to drop off a baby shower present for Esser and Christina. They both were doing great, the house is coming along nicely and the nursery is almost complete. Good work Esser! Are you sure you’re ready to be a papa?

Other than that, things are going well. Mike is almost done with the basement. He put the plasma TV on the wall so he can't have too much left. We will post some pictures soon enough I'm sure. Mike's golf league started last week and he said he did well. Swim class tomorrow! Take care everyone!

Kendal climbing some steps

Kendal in the toilet

Some recent pictures are below:

All smiles before my swimming lessons

Check out my new wheels

The picture says it all!

Maddy with Cheeto's bone

Brenden about to take Maddy out... he really did!

Kendal stole Maddy's sippy cup

Marnie and Maddy

Sombreros for Cinco de Mayo!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I guess it is time for us to invest in a few safety gates. We discovered this weekend that Kendal has taught her self how to climb up the steps. Mike will have to get it on video. She laughs the whole time doing it, and she goes really fast. She has made it up the whole flight of stairs in about a minute.

We are still waiting for Kendal to take those first unassisted steps. She is cruising around with the walker and if you hold her hands. She will stand without any help or toys holding her up. So we fear that walking alone is just around the corner.

Kendal did great at swimming lessons this week. It appears that Ben might have gotten used to swimming, since he only cried for a minute or two. Maddy looked like a pro, floating on her back with the life jacket on.

We will post new pictures later this week when Mike is done painting the basement.