Friday, May 18, 2007

Well, I had thought this weekend would be better than the last... so far that is not the case. I had to leave work early to go pickup Kendal since she was running a fever at daycare. I took her to the pediatrician and they said it looks like the start of an ear or upper respiratory infection... great. She did OK today, so we will see tomorrow.

Since we haven't posted in awhile, I can give the update for last weekend... Saturday was a day I would like to forget. I was all excited since I was buying Marnie a surprise Mother's Day present (new bike). Well, since my car is not the biggest, I borrowed my buddy’s truck to go pick it up. To make a really long story, reasonably short, the truck broke down on the highway, and Kendal and I were stranded until we could get a ride home and leave the truck. She was not in the greatest of moods since I was out of food for her, except for animal crackers... and that just made her thirstier. Luckily, my friend from work (Isis) came to visit and was able to take me back to the truck later that evening to get our stuff and the bike. Too bad I had to take part of the bike apart to fit it in her car. You better like this bike Marnie! Thanks for your help Isis! I ended up getting the truck towed the next morning. Not fun.

Let's hope tomorrow is better, we will see as we are watching Maddy for the day and she is sick as well. Wish us luck! At least the basement is finished! Some recent pictures are below:

All smiles!

Innocent Kendal

Kendal practicing for swimming class


The Heisman pose!

Finished basement


Kendal's new TV!