Friday, January 30, 2009

Things are going well, kids are getting over colds this week which led to a few long nights recently. Recent pictures below:

Kendal caught snoozing

Some Saturday morning reading

Look at me…

This is what happens if you stay up too late

Best friends!

Cichy and Hayden

Marnie and Baby Ella (5 months)

The boys with the girls

Ella meets Hayden

Baby Ella

Baby Hayden

Giddyup N’ Go

Kendal hanging out with Cheeto

The kids playing together!

Kendal and Ben chillin

The girls… I’m outnumbered!

Kendal cleaning up at Grandpa and Grandma’s House

Grandpa made a fort

Hayden drooling on Grandpa

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hayden had her 9 month appointment. This was the first time since she was born that we have made it between well visits without having to see a doctor. Good job Hayden.
She didn't gain as much weight as her growth curve said she was supposed to, but Dr Kerin thinks that is because she is so active. Hayden has been cruizing around on the furniture like crazy. I think she is going to give up on crawling and just go to walking.

Her are her stats:
14 lbs 9.5 oz 3%
27.5 inches 50%

Sunday, January 11, 2009

This past weekend my sister and my dad made a trip up to Michigan to babysit while Mike and I had a night out together. It took them over 4 hours to get here because of the snow storm. We got about 10-12 inches total over the weekend. It appears that they enjoyed their time with the girls as much as Mike and I enjoyed the time together.

We went out to eat at the Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant. They had good food, but very pricy. Then we went Glow Bowling. Mike kicked my butt 2 games and I actually won a game. I only won because Mike was trying out new ways to put spin on the ball. I was just praying that my ball would make it down the alley. We stayed in a hotel Sat night. Our room had a 2 person Jacuzzi in it. Very nice. Sunday morning we woke up early and missed our babies so we rushed home and brought everyone back to the hotel to go swimming. Hayden loved being in the pool, she kicked and splashed for over an hour. Kendal is still kinda of a scardy cat around the water, but as long as she was holding on to someone she was OK. Looks like we will have to invest in swimming lessons again this year.

Except for the snow storm this weekend, I would say this was a great weekend. Thanks again Mandy and Dad for making the trip up to watch the girls.

Enjoy the pics... and Happy Birthday Grandpa Schmidt!

Kendal playing in a snowstorm…

Snow Angels!

Auntie Mandy and Hayden

Cheeto was on his way to the vet and Kendal wanted to join him

Hayden riding her Dora car!

Grandpa Taz feeding Hayden

Before the big night out

Mommy and daddy at dinner

Mommy and Hayden

Catch me momma

Daddy and Kendal

Daddy and Hayden

It’s too hot daddy!

Taz and Kendal

The whole family…

I like donuts

Your goofy momma

Nice hat daddy

All on my own!

Look at me momma

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Today Hayden finally took the plunge and started crawling. She is still working on perfecting it but she will be cruzing around the room in no time. Today she also furniture walked the entire length of the ottoman. I think it was because I left her standing there when I went to go cook dinner and she was looking for me.

Kendal is getting better at the whole potty thing. We have invented the poop monster who comes to get little girls who poop their pants. Kendal has been doing very good since we came up with the poop monster. She has been wearing real underwear over her pull ups which also seems to be helping.

Tonight Mike let the girls take their baths together. It was Hayden's first time in the big tub, I think she liked it. She was flapping her arms like crazy. Kendal kept dumping the water bucket on Hayden's head and she acted like it didn't bother her.

Our new camera was delivered today, so hopefully no more devil eyed children.

Enjoy new pictures.

Splish splash we were taking a bath.

Daddy testing out the new camera.

Daddy did my hair.

Enough pictures already.

Who gave Daddy the brush?

I'm stuck

I did it.

Hayden loves this Dog, even if it is as big as her.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a great holiday. Ours was surely enjoyable. We had our first Christmas here in Michigan then traveled to Cleveland the next morning. It was nice to spend Christmas here, especially for Kendal. I remember Christmas mornings at home when I was a kid so we want the same for our kids. We had a great time in Cleveland as well. Both of our families got the kids some great presents! Thank you very much! It was really nice to see everyone. New Years Eve was spent next door at the Abbott's, very convenient and is always a good time. Recent pictures below:

Look at all my new clothes!

I like my new toys!

Say Cheese!

Playing with the popper...

Going for a ride in the bathtub boat.

Who put this on my head?

Timmy helping Kendal open her first present.

Are these all for me?

My favorite... a fishing pole!

Marnie testing out Kendal's new pony for safety...

Hayden's favorite... a doggy

Feed me

Kendal's other favorite... a stick pony.

Hayden and Grandpa Taz


The McDonnell's at Christmas

Hayden likes Uncle Joe

Look at what Uncle Bob and Bill tought me (Look at my middle finger)

Hayden with Sister Kathleen.