Friday, January 02, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a great holiday. Ours was surely enjoyable. We had our first Christmas here in Michigan then traveled to Cleveland the next morning. It was nice to spend Christmas here, especially for Kendal. I remember Christmas mornings at home when I was a kid so we want the same for our kids. We had a great time in Cleveland as well. Both of our families got the kids some great presents! Thank you very much! It was really nice to see everyone. New Years Eve was spent next door at the Abbott's, very convenient and is always a good time. Recent pictures below:

Look at all my new clothes!

I like my new toys!

Say Cheese!

Playing with the popper...

Going for a ride in the bathtub boat.

Who put this on my head?

Timmy helping Kendal open her first present.

Are these all for me?

My favorite... a fishing pole!

Marnie testing out Kendal's new pony for safety...

Hayden's favorite... a doggy

Feed me

Kendal's other favorite... a stick pony.

Hayden and Grandpa Taz


The McDonnell's at Christmas

Hayden likes Uncle Joe

Look at what Uncle Bob and Bill tought me (Look at my middle finger)

Hayden with Sister Kathleen.


Bill said...

In the picture titled "The McDonnell's (It should be plural not possessive.) at Christmas, the people are as follows:

Back Row: Kathleen (Kendal and Hayden's Great-Aunt), Grandpa Tim (Holding Hayden), Lois, Great Uncles Bill and Joe (Great Uncles Bob and Mike Schabel are lurking behind us.

On the Couch: Marnie, Great Aunt Maggie, Kendal, and Mike Schmidt .

For more about some of these people, go to the blog that is featured in my profile. (Click on "Bill".)