Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I know we are slacking with the blog; we have no excuse, just being lazy.

Kendal got her first haircut last week with Maddy! 1st intentional at least; remember 9/13/07? This makes it easier to comb and get the knots out. Looks good too! She loves to sing to the Black Eye Peas, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. She loves dancing with her sister, but doesn’t let mom or dad join in. This is one stubborn girl, just like her mom. We love her and love watching her grow every day.

Hayden has been an eating machine lately; she has even been stealing food off our plates after hers is gone. She is still a momma's girl, which I love but I would like a break with the middle of the night stuff. Even when it isn't my turn to get up with her, I have to hear her yelling Mommy over and over I can't go back to sleep until she does. Speaking of that Hayden has been waking up one to two times a night regularly for a while now. She appears to be having nightmares. She sometimes can be calmed down with warm milk and rocking, but lately she will fall asleep and wake up again as soon as you try to put her in her crib and starts screaming again which usually means she ends up sleeping with us so we can get a few hours of sleep before waking up for work. Last night I ended up sleeping on the floor in Hayden's room with her next to me so that Mike could get some sleep before work. She just seems to hate her crib in the middle of the night. We don't have a problem in the day; she takes a nap without a problem. Hopefully she gets over this soon; we need a good night’s sleep around here.

Hayden is also talking a ton now. She will repeat anything you say, sometimes you can understand her, and other times I think she is trying to speak Chinese. She definitely understands the word NO and uses it often. She loves listening to music, just like Kendal. Hayden has way better dance moves than Kendal does. Anytime she hears music she stops and starts dancing. She kind of looks like a skinny sumo wrestler… so funny. She loves shoes and is pretty good at walking around in Kendal's princess heels. Mike called me on my way home from work today and said she was peeing on the potty! Must be a fluke, I don’t think she is ready. In just about 2 weeks she is going to be 1 1/2 years old, hard to believe how fast time has gone. We love her to pieces and can't wait to see how the terrible 2's are with this one.

Enjoy the new pics and some video clips we finally got around to uploading from this summer.

Summer 2009 Clips from Mike Schmidt on Vimeo.

Monday, September 07, 2009

As you know, we went camping with the neighbors last weekend. It was rainy and cold... Thank goodness we were in cabins! We spent Saturday at an indoor water park down the road and pretty much relaxed the rest of the time around the campfire. They had blueberry bushes on site... I never knew how good they were fresh. The kids were great and put up with the rain and mud, Marnie too!

This past weekend my parents came to visit while Marnie and I got to go out to a concert and celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. We had a great time. I love you hunny! Recent pics below:

My favorite pic... everybody's got two... Who will be next?

Cutie pie Hayden

Kendal and daddy

Ben swimming on his own...

Kendal too


Hayden eating nummys (fruit snacks)

Kendal and Maddy exploring

This is as close as Maddy got to a fish

Kendal caught a big one

Ben too

Who you looking at?

Driving like daddy

The mess got worse... we sure had fun separating about 6 different board games

Baby Gabe

The fam

OAR tour bus, we were VIP, front row center

After 5 years of marriage... still going strong

I'm getting good at self portraits

Our new friends, Jason and Michelle