Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday Mike!!!

Jan 16, 2010 Mike turned 30. We spent the weekend at Kalahari Resort in Sandusky with the Schmidt's. If you have never been to an indoor waterpark, this is definitely the one to go to. It was huge and had things to do for all ages. I am not a fan of water nor swimming and even I had fun.

Kendal did great at attempting to swim in the wave pool, she loved all the water slides and the lazy river. You had to drag her away from there. Hayden did pretty good too, she was splashing and loved being carried in the water and in the lazy river. She was not a fan of water slides, maybe next time.

The place was at 100% occupancy and it didn't feel overcrowded at all. Kinda pricy for stuff inside the resort, we just learned what to bring for the next time we go, and I know we will go again.

We are still sore from all the stuff we did there. Mike, Timmy, and Megan tried out the surfing and all had a blast. I chickened out after watching all the other people doing it. The sign at the entrance clearly stated that the force of water would cause you to lose clothing. I saw more butts than I care to ever see again, but it was quite humorous watching people stand up and try to pull up there bathing suits. Or in Timmy's case, lie on the ground and pull it up without mooning the water park.

We were so tired when we got home; we were all in bed by 9:30 and slept till 8:30 Monday. I think that might be a record for Hayden and her horrible sleeping habits.

Welcome to the Thirty Club Mike.

Mike Body Surfing from Mike Schmidt on Vimeo.

We spent New Year’s Eve with our old neighbor's the Abbotts. It was nice to see them and let the kids hang out and play. Kendal was the only kid to make it till after midnight, not that we were trying to keep any of them up. We spent the night there, and I doubt the Abbott's will ever invite us over again… Hayden woke up at 3am and decided she was done sleeping for the night, we tried to entertain her in the basement but by 7am, I had enough and told Mike to pack the car and wake Kendal up since I didn't want to wake up the rest of the house. Too late they were all up. This made for a house full of crabby kids and parents when we got home. Oh well at least we had fun during the evening. We will have to do New Years at our house next year to make up for it.

Happy New Year

With the new year, I figured a new look to our blog would be good too. I am going to have to back up and do a few posts this week since we had so much happen in our lives in the past month.

I am glad the holidays are over and we are back to our normal lives again. The girls were spoiled rotten for Christmas and so were we even though we told everyone that we didn't want anything for Christmas. Mike was a great bargain shopper and scored an awesome price on a new Christmas tree for next year, Bye Bye Charlie Brown tree. Kendal has enjoyed all of her Barbie and surprising her Hooked on Phonics. Not that we are pushing for her to read, we are just working on her learning her letters. Hayden loves to color with Kendal, loves SpongeBob and anything Yo Gabba Gabba.

It has been so nice lately with the girls being able to play together now that Hayden is a little older and can talk to Kendal, Gaga in Hayden's language.

We have dealt with a lot of illnesses in the past month. Kendal had pink eye in both eyes, ear infections in both ears and a sinus infection. Hayden had a sinus infection and her first antibiotics since she was born. She took it like a champ. Hayden has also had the flu twice since Thanksgiving. The last time she shared it with me too. Thanks Hayden.

Gingerbread house's!

Timmy and Hay Hay

Mike's gift to his dad

12 month pants

Lebron Schmidt


Kendal's 6mo dress

Hair like daddy

Kendal did this all on her own

Candy necklace face

Our new baby sitter

Works for both kids too

Mickey is just Hayden's size


on Mickey

$19.95, Free shipping

Go fish


Like taking candy from a baby


Kendal took this

Backward's Day


Ballet Dress

So big!


Playing in the fort


Yes, I'm cute

Me too