Monday, July 30, 2007

Mike Kendal and I enjoyed another beautify weekend here in Michigan. We went to Kensington Park on Sat, to take a bike ride and to cool off in their new water park. The water was a little cold but it was still fun. The entire bike trail around the lake is about 8 miles, about 5.5 miles into the trail we saw a sign that said trail closed ahead. So, we had to turn around and go back the way we came. Our 8 mile bike ride turned into 11 miles. Luckily Kendal slept about a hour of the ride.

Sunday, after I cut the grass and Mike worked on edging, some how Greg talked Mike into putting up the pool Kendal got for her birthday. It was finally filled up around 6 last night. None of the adults were brave enough to jump in, so we talked Oliva and Brendon into swimming in the pool. After about 10 minutes the poor little mouths were chattering so badly they had to get out. We enjoyed a nice bar-b-que with our friends. Then Mike and I stayed up watching a shark documentary, looks like I am never snorkeling in the ocean again.

Today Kendal, Sarah, Ben and I packed a small picnic and headed back to Kensington so the kids could play in the water. The water was much warmer today, and since it was so freaking hot here it was actually refreshing. Kendal should have taken a nap before we went; Sarah finally got to see a crabby Kendal. All was going good until a girl turned around to fast and knocked Kendal over. Kendal was OK, except for a fat bloody lip; she must have bit her lip when she fell. We packed up and headed home, we weren't even out of the parking lot and Kendal was already snoring, Ben soon followed. Kendal is acting fine after her nap this afternoon and the fat lip is gone.

Kendal's new word for the week... Mike. Enjoy some new pictures. Feel free to leave comments.

Yes, Mike is vacuuming the sidewalk

Kendal eating corn

Off to the water

Checking out guys at the pool

Happy baby

Kendal's favorite face to make

Kendal actually wearing her helmet

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Well, we finally got Kendal's 1 year pictures yesterday. Some of our favorites are below. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Since it has been awhile since I have posted anything, I will just do a quick overview of all that has happened in our lives over the past two weeks.

Last weekend Mike went fishing with has dad and bother Timmy. Since the guys went up north, my sister came to hang out with Kendal and I. I don't have any pictures since Mike had our camera and Kendal or Mandy misplaced Mandy's camera; which is still lost to this day. Sorry Mandy.

Monday night was Jason's 30th birthday, so I picked Maddy and Kendal up from Karen's so that Jaclynn and Jason could go out alone for Jason's B-day. Two kids is a lot harder than one, especially by myself. Sarah and Ben came over to help me out, because the girls wore me out quick. Maddy and Kendal enjoyed mac and cheese, green beans, and pancakes together for dinner. I had to get rid of all the leftovers from the weekend. Boy what a mess. Maddy seemed to like the feeling of rubbing cheese all over her body (video below explains it). I gave them both baths after dinner, it was extremely hard to grab two wet naked running babies to get them into their jammies, thank god this was when Mike came home from golf and helped me out.

Friday we packed up and headed up to Mancelona to go camping with the Kreiders and the Abbotts. We were praying for better weather then the rainy cold weekend we had last summer. We got really hot days and freezing cold nights. At least we were better prepared this summer. All the babies had a blast running around and hanging outside. We spent Saturday afternoon at the pool, it was so much more fun with the kids this year, screaming and splashing around. After the pool we spent the evening playing bad-mitten, Schmidts 2 Kreiders 0. I think this is the first time ever that Mike and I can actually say we smoked the Kreiders in a sport. We all enjoyed talking around the late night campfires while the kids were all snuggled up in the tents. The ride home went pretty smoothly and we are all unpacked and ready to start another week. This summer is flying by.

Kendal is talking a lot now, some of her favorite new words are kitty kitty, NO, and night night when she is ready to go to bed. That has to be our new favorite thing she does. She usually gives us a clue by walking up to the steps, shaking the gate and she softly says,” go night night." This kid is just too cute.

A couple videos below.

Maddy likes cheese!

Maddy takes Ben's pacifiers...

Kendal makes music and smacks Jaclynn

Our favorite moment of the trip... these two are like sisters!

Enjoy some recent pictures below.

New favorite sleeping position

Don't mind the mess, look how cute Maddy's hair is

Timmy's first fish of the trip

They sure do bite in the rain

Mike said it seemed like Timmy caught one of these every cast

Grandpa Schmidt did catch a few :>


Last fish of the trip...

Celebrating Jason's 30th Birthday

The chow line, feeding the kids camping

New favorite food, blueberries

Maddy tring to pick up Kendal

Kendal stealing her fathers hat

I know you can see us holding them on the rock

My hair is sweet!

Kendal is actually wearing her hat, Good Girl

Playing in the baby pool

Who's having more fun, Dad or Kendal?

Forget the freeing cold baby pool, I am a big girl in a baby float

Kendal was scared to death of BoBo the Bear at the campground, at least Mom got a popsicle out of it

I LOVE watermelon

The three amigos, ready to pack up and go home

I am going to pimp this car out when I'm 16!

The Schmidt's 7/22/07

Saturday, July 07, 2007

What a nice weekend... it got really hot today, but still better than snow! Kendal and I spent some quality time together this weekend since Marnie had to work. We had fun, did a lot of practicing saying new words. She now knows: Mommy, Daddy, Hi, Bye, Uh-Oh (everytime she drops something), Tiggy (one of our cats), Cheeto (our dog), Ball (new one), and a few more that I can't remember now. I asked her how old she was yesterday and she lifted up one finger and said "one". I have been trying to get her to do it again, but with no success so it may have been a fluke. Karen (our daycare provider) said she did it for her too though.

Last week, Jaclynn, Jason, and Maddy went to Kensington Metro Park with us for a picnic on the beach and a bike ride around the lake towing the kids. The hills don’t look too bad, but it is over 8 miles and by the end Kendal sure started to get heavy. I think our new hobby may stick. We will see.

The 4th of July was sweet; we went down to Greg's parents place on the lake to relax for the day. Thanks for the invite Mr. and Mrs. Abbott! The weather turned out beautiful and we had a great time. I tried to wake board but just could not figure it out, I tried so hard that I banged my knee up pretty bad and my back is terribly sore still. Didn't stop me from golfing on Friday! Thanks Jaclynn for watching Kendal and taking her to daycare!

On Thursday last week, we had a couple really nasty storms roll through that did some damage in the area. When they hit Marine and I were on our way to a Toby Keith concert... I'm surprised the Scion did not blow away! The concert got delayed a few hours due to a power outage (how ironic since the concert was at DTE Energy Music Theater). We made the best of it and had a great time. Thanks again Jaclynn and Jason for watching Kendal. Geez, it seems like we just keep pawning Kendal off, huh! In reality, this is rare, but it is nice to get away every once in awhile.

Still have not had a chance to get Kendal's one year pictures... bad parents, maybe Monday, but Kendal has another doctors appointment to talk about her kidney reflux that she got diagnosed with last week. Antibiotics for a year… boo! The doctor said she should outgrow this is the next few years. Let’s hope so.

We finally sent out some thank you notes from Kendal's parties... sorry for the delay. Look for them in the mail early next week. Take care everyone... back to work tomorrow. Recent pics are below:

Kendal on the 4th

Maddy, Ben, and Kendal

Who took my shirt? Kendal and Maddy on the beach...