Saturday, January 08, 2011

Pre Christmas Festivites with The Kreiders

One weekend in December Kendal and Maddy had a sleep over. The girls were sleeping by 10 pm but they did wake up at 7 am, thankfully they entertained themselves for a hour before they decided it was time to wake Hayden up. We talked Mike into donuts for breakfast, yeah like that was hard to do. We can definately tell when the fun of seeing each other has worn off and the sister like relationship starts. By around lunch time the girls were starting to fight. Good thing we had plans for the afternoon. Kendal, Maddy, Jaclynn and I went to Snacks and Crafts with Santa at the Metro Park by our house. It was very cute and nice to have the big girls alone with us for once. The little girls enjoyed time at our house tormenting the cats together with the guys. After dinner we had a good old neighbor boys vs girls game night. The girls kicked but in Sequence but all I can say is that Mad Gab is not the game for Jaclynn and I. The kids snuggled up togther and looked so cute sleeping together. Looks like Mylee will have to start having sleep overs with Hayden.