Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Welcome Elizabeth Marie Skidmore! My cousin Heather and her husband Brad had their second child today! Congratulations guys! 7lbs 1oz. 21" long. Camera phone pic below:

Monday, September 17, 2007

Last week was another enjoyable one with Kendal Marie. Marnie did get a disturbing phone call during the week from our daycare provider. Kendal got her first haircut... unintentionally of course. Apparently, one of the older kids at our daycare got her hands on some scissor's (long story) and managed to snip off a part of Kendal's pigtail in the front and another portion in the back. A picture is below; I don't think we got all of it back though.

Her hair is just not the same anymore and we are contemplating a real haircut. I know it could have been much worse but the whole situation really stinks. We are glad it is only hair we are talking about as that grows back.

Other than that little incident, things are going great. Kendal has the vocabulary of a 2 year old which we can only attribute to her many weekends alone with daddy playing with her. :>. She is starting to put together phrases and short sentences; pretty neat. Maybe it is all the football she watches?

Marnie and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary together last weekend. We didn't do anything special just had a relaxing evening together at home. Pretty surreal on how much we have done together and been thorough since we first started dating in 2000. I would have to say we are happier than ever and we could not be more in love. Like all couples we have our issues (note to self: stay away from Marnie in the morning :>), but this last year we have grown closer together than ever. Kendal was just the icing on the cake. Alright, enough mushy talk. Kendal pics below:

Kendal's first haircut

Look what I figured out dad!

Listening to some tunes...

Look at me!

Touchdown........ Steelers :<

Hang on!

Last time my hair will look this good!

Move b@#ch, get out da way

Kendal falls asleep in her high chair

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Another two weeks gone, summer is almost over, my golf league is done next week, next thing we know it will be snowing! How depressing. Hey, at least football season starts tonight! Woot!

Two weekends ago, we all packed up and made a long overdue trip to Cleveland. I got to play in a golf outing with Timmy and Marnie took Kendal to see her dad and sister. Kendal got to spend plenty of time with my parents as well since we stayed that their house. Overall, a fun and relaxing weekend; just too short when you spend half a day on the road.

Last weekend Marnie had to work except for Labor Day and by then she was exhausted from working all those 12's in a row. Marnie's sister and Aunt Maggie came to visit Kendal though. We all had a great time... I spent all day Saturday and a part of Sunday working on my car... it was so nice to have the extra help with Kendal, that project would have taken me weeks otherwise. Kendal did great as always!

Nothing else much new... Kendal is as cute as ever. We think she is going through another growth spurt as she was tossing and turning most of last night. She looked taller when she woke up this morning. :>

Recent pictures below:

Kendal's favorite new chair at Grandma and Grandpa Schmidt's. Someone please comb my hair!

Now this is a hair style!

Marnie's favorite Kendal face.

I see you...

Am I ready for the Power Wheels yet?