Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So what’s new…? As you know, for Marnie’s 30th we went on a surprise trip to Florida where we went on a short cruise to the Bahamas. We had a great time and did not do much other than relax in the sun. If you know Marnie, this is exactly how she wanted to spend her birthday. I keep telling her Vegas or nothing for mine next year… we will see. The kids were in Cleveland during our trip and spent time with both sides of the family which was nice.

We also had a combo 3rd/30th birthday party for Kendal and Marnie at Mandy’s house in Cleveland. It was supposed to be a surprise for Marnie but she says she suspected it. Mandy did a great job and everything turned out great thanks to Paul’s 6 car garage as we needed a hideout due to the rain. Thank Timmy for the fireworks display and corrupting Kendal already. Marnie and I got a night out that weekend too and went to a concert.

The kids are doing great, this summer has/is going to be more fun than last year simply because Kendal listens much better, is potty trained, and Hayden is big enough for many more activities. Very excited. Tons or recent pictures and video below…

Hayden Talking from Mike Schmidt on Vimeo.

Kendal Roller Skating! from Mike Schmidt on Vimeo.