Thursday, February 09, 2012

New Years Pics

We finally took the girls for their annual pictures. We were only 8 months late. Normally we try and get the girls pictures done around Kendal's Birthday, well she turned 5 in June. Oops. Kendal was cooperative this time and Hayden was not digging getting her picture taken. She wouldn't smile or she would stick her tongue out. We did our best and got a few good ones. Enjoy.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Christmas Time Fun

Kendal being goofy

She loves to take pictures of herself

Silly faces

Hayden was so excited to see Santa

Kendal didn't say one word to him

Hayden went back up to see him again before we left

This kid loves Santa

A treat for being good at Meijer, penny horse rides

Dad feeds them cookies before mom comes home from work

The evidence is all over your face Hayden

Hayden sandwich

Peek a boo we see you

Funniest art project ever

Dancing fools

Shake it Hayden

Kendal is ready to audition for Kiss

Matching holiday outfits for Daycare Christmas party

Spoiled, no way not the Schmidt Girls

Hayden was excited to get cheese balls

Cheeto loves Hayden

Hanging out in the morning. Finally got rid of our old couches

First time out ice skating

Go Hayden you can do it

Enjoying Christmas Presents from Mike Schmidt on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Thanksgiving Holiday

We spent Thanksgiving with the Kreider's up in Dewitt at Jason's mom's house. It was great to spend time with them. Hayden was not feeling well and slept most of the time we were there. After dinner Jaclynn and I planned out our shopping plan for Black Friday. We started early around 9pm on Thanksgiving, took a few hour nap from 2-5am and were out again. Jaclynn was a trooper since she really didn't have anything she needed to buy, we just enjoyed the time together. Jaclynn and Jason gave us some news after dinner. They are going to be adding to their family this summer. We are super excited for them and will hopefully get to visit up north this summer to meet Baby Kreider #4.

Mike taking Kendal on her first ride

The gang

BFF forever

Bedtime story time by Mike

Kendal is going to be a photographer, she loves to take pictures of herself

Simon Says from Mike Schmidt on Vimeo.

Kendal Spelling from Mike Schmidt on Vimeo.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Fall Fishing, Halloween, and Waketower

Mike's Baby

Can you tell he loves his boat?

This was the boat on the way to get winterized. Mike was very sad

This was our first watermelon. It was almost as big as Hayden

Kendal's self portrait

Mark this day done Kendal has pants on

Look we talked Hayden into jeans too

Fall fishing

Fall fishing

The Legend of Sleepy Howell with Brendan

Bass Pro Shops

Hayden Zipline from Mike Schmidt on Vimeo.