Friday, February 03, 2012

Summer Trip up North

After the Kreider's moved up north we decided to take a trip to the UP to visit. It was well worth the drive. We spent the first night in Mackinaw City to break up the drive. Packed up early morning and headed over the Mackinac Bridge. The girls were troopers in the van and did awesome. Mike on the other hand had to stop at every fudge and beef jerky place he saw. We finally arrived in Spread Eagle Wisconsin at the Kriegl House, Jaclynn's parents. We enjoyed every minute of the time we spent there. We saw a few awesome water skiing shows, Mike broke his butt, Hayden went water skiing, and went to a red neck zoo. We got to take a long canoe ride with the kids and no one tipped. We went out to camp, rode a 4 wheeler, had a bar-b-que, and Mike got to do some fishing in in the rapids. We had a great time and hope to do it again this next summer. That is if the Kriegl's and Kreider's will let us back.

Good time for a family pic

The girls and Mike

The girls and Marnie

Throwing rocks at the bridge

Hayden is ready to give this a shot

Jaclynn trying to convince her to ski

Kendal wouldn't go behind a boat, we practiced from shore instead

Kendal skiing at Bad Water

The next day Hayden did it

Red neck zoo

Kendal didn't want to get too close

The goat was ready to eat Hayden

Hayden and Jo Jo must be grossed out by something

That is a Zorse of coarse

Kendal and the baby monkey

Maddy loved the baby monkey

Hayden was not afraid, she even kissed it on the head

Hayden with the Baby Wallaby

Maddy and Jo Jo holding baby wallabies

It looks like it is trying to hop away

Hayden has an Australian raccoon

They aren't afraid of lizards either


No way Marnie would have touched that thing

Definitely a sign the girls had a good time

That is one huge sunfish

Jaclynn's nephew Jack caught the monster sunfish