Saturday, December 30, 2006

OK I lied, these are the last five pictures. Happy holidays!

Crazy Kendal

Kendal and Mommy

All smiles

Kendal and Grandma Ann

Kendal stole Aunt Mandy's slippers
Only a few more I swear.

Kendal enjoying her rocking giraffe

Dylan holding Kendal

Just like her father, too bad she can't reach the pedals yet

What is the blue Wiggles guy doing to her, she obviously doesn't like it

Kendal and Daddy
Kendal standing up on her own

Trying to brush Uncle Timmy's teeth

Kendal and Cousin Jennifer

Great-Grandma Schmidt and her second great-grandchild

Samantha holding Kendal
Christmas was great. Thanks for all of the great presents for Kendal. It will only take three trips back to get everything home... Sorry we had to miss a few family members during our visit; we only had a limited amount of time. Kendal now has her second tooth, and she just found out that she will finally get a cousin on the McDonnell side. Congrats Dan and Laura! It will take a few posts to get all of the pictures. We have discovered as soon as a camera is pointed at Kendal she is all smiles. Enjoy!

Innocent Kendal

Kendal and Grandpa Taz

Kendal riding her new toy

Kendal unwrapping presents

The McDonnell's Christmas at Aunt Maggie's house

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I am finally starting to feel better, Kendal is too I think. We had our gift exchange with all of the neighbors yesterday. It was fun. Shelly made an awesome chocolate cake. Ben got his first kiss from Kendal and Ben didn't know it but he had his first girl sleeping in his bed. Thanks Ben, Kendal just couldn't stay awake any longer. A few pics below of all the kids:

Olivia, Maddy, Kendal, Ben, and Brenden

Everyone is watching Greg's new TV except for his son, Ben.

Kendal giving Ben a hug. Ben looks like he is afraid of her. We need a camera with red eye reduction. Hint hint

Monday, December 18, 2006

Well, all ready for Christmas break here! Shopping is all done and we are counting the days down... We all seem to be getting past our colds, slowly. This past weekend, Grandma and Grandpa Schmidt came to visit. They brought Kendal some presents early! Good thinking since we likely will not have much room to spare in our vehicle. The big present was a power wheels! Too bad she can't use it until 2 years of age according to the box! This is actually her 2nd power wheels (If you are reading this Taz... sorry, someone let the cat out of the bag)! We really need to get moving on that play room in the basement with all the toys we have accumulated. Not much else new... daddy did take his first bath with Kendal... pics are below along with some good ones from this weekend.

Don't mess with me... I'm number 1!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Not much new here... All three of us are sick. Kendal was first and she is actually starting to get better. Marnie was 2nd and seems to have it the worst. They sent her home from work a few hours early today. That is very rare! Now, I'm starting to feel it pretty bad now too. It’s that time of year, huh. Surprisingly, Kendal and I did ok this weekend. I had more trouble with Cheeto. His invisible fence collar battery has bit the dust and I don't think it wants to hold a charge anymore. Thus, being such a brilliant dog (yea right), he managed to escape a total of 4 times this weekend. He terrorized most of the neighborhood and dodged a few cars! Not fun chasing him around! I ordered a replacement collar today, and he goes back on his leash until it arrives. A couple pictures from last week are below:

Kendal and mommy

Kendal helping out with the laundry

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Kendal has had a fun filled day so far! She got to sit on Santa's lap this morning and tell him what she wanted for Christmas... all we overheard was "something... diamonds... something". Jaclynn, Jason, Maddie, Sarah, Greg, and Big Ben came with us too. Greg and Sarah experienced Dippin’ Dots for the first time. Damn Michiganders.

After that we took her to get her 6 month pictures taken. Can you believe it, 6 months old! Marnie and I hopped in a few. I attached one below from each pose. They all turned out perfect, she was very happy and smiley the whole time.

After that we all went out to dinner and Kendal slept the whole time. What a great day! This time last year, I would have never thought I could have so much fun on a weekend doing this kind of stuff. Kendal sure has changed our lives! Enjoy the pictures...