Thursday, August 23, 2007

Go Tribe!!!

Kendal, Greg, Sarah, Ben, and I went to the Indians vs. Tigers game last night. We had a great time. Seats were awesome, behind the plate (Thanks Metaldyne!). It was hot and sticky downtown but the kids did great. They stayed up past 10pm as well. Troopers! Pictures below:

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wow, two weeks flew by so fast... so here is a Kendal update:

Kendal is doing great as always... still going to bed early and sleeping through the nights no problem. Her vocabulary is up to about 20 words/phrases and she is not only walking great, she has learned to all out sprint (much quicker than mom I must say :>). She is really starting to develop some problem solving skills as well. When challenged with something, she initially gets frustrated, but tends to calm down and figure it out. Pretty cool, yet scary as we really have to keep a close eye on her. Marnie said this morning she already figured out the child proof locks I spent hours putting on all our cabinets!

Two weekends ago we went to a party and hung out with our friends Isis and Fil. Kendal was great; she passed out early and slept through all the noise (and fireworks!). Too bad she woke up extremely early (~5am) and did not want to go back to bed (strange place I guess?). So, we went home on only a couple hours sleep (boo!). Good thing she took a morning nap!

This past weekend, we went to the Melon Fest (big party in downtown Howell) and then my parents came to visit Kendal which let me get some stuff done around the house. This weather is making me think of winter! Nooo! Maybe its time to take to pool down?

Today, I got a nice lunch surprise at work as Marnie brought Kendal in to visit and take me out to lunch. A nice way to break up the day I must say.

Recent pictures and a few videos are below:
As always there are plenty of Kendal pictures on Little Ben’s and Miss Maddy’s blogs too… take care everyone!

Maddy Dancing!

Should we send this to "So you think you can dance"???

Ben and Kendal fighting...

Bad Boy!

Kendal is so smart!

Kendal at Isis and Fil’s Party

Kendal after the party on our way home

I like raspberries...

Maddy and Jason

Maddy waving her flag

Jason and Kendal dancing

Grandma Schmidt and Kendal

The scowl!!!

Kendal and Cheeto

Look at my new purse!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Kendal and I had a great weekend together... we really didn't get much accomplished (I re-gripped my golf clubs) but that’s ok sometimes. She is really starting to become a riot to hang out with. She learns new words every week (Snoopy and Maddy this weekend!), and is starting to understand when she is doing something she should not be. For instance, I caught her in the litter box this morning with a handful of you know what and when I told her “No”, she said “No” right back to me, then ran away and continued to pout (currently buries her head in the carpet a cries). She did not go back in there the rest of the day.

Another no no this weekend was her climbing on top of the ottoman and jumping up and down. It was way too cute to yell at her, but I took pictures (below), I will let Marine be the bad cop for that one. Each night she goes to bed so easy for me, as always she tells me "night night" when she is getting tired, so I make her bottle and let her drink it upstairs in her room (I hold her in the rocking chair). When she finishes it completely (antibiotic in there), I tuck her in with her baby (currently favorite toy, made of soft cotton and satin) and she calmly snuggles up and closes her eyes. That makes my day, everyday. Overall, a great weekend.