Monday, July 19, 2010


We are way behind on our blog. I blame Facebook, Mike says it is the house projects. I am going to try to update on the past month again.

We went to Cleveland for a few days for our friends Melissa and Michael's wedding. Mandy took the girls for the weekend. So Mike and I had a kid free night out with friends. Kendal now knows that alcohol is bad and it makes you sick. She reminded me of this the next time we were going to the store to buy beer. Anyhow, it was a beautiful wedding and a lot of fun to see friends we haven't seen in a long time.

Maddy came for a sleep over at the new house. The girls had a lot of fun. Kendal spent a lot of time in time out, I think she was trying to show off for Maddy since the Schmidt's were at our house too. But we still had a lot of fun.

The Forth of July weekend, Mike's parents were up to visit. Mike and I got to go to a neighborhood party. It was a lot of fun. The new neighbors are all very nice and welcoming us to the neighborhood. The Kreider's brought their new boat out to the lake so the boys could do some water skiing and the girls went tubing. Mike borrowed a wake board from the neighbor and now has a new sport he loves to do and he is getting pretty good at it.

Mike quit his job at the beginning of the month and he starts his new job today at Chrysler. Mike is excited about the new job, hopefully he likes it. He took a few weeks off in between jobs to work on the house. Things are coming along nicely.

My Dad and Lois came to visit. They had a good time with one on one with the girls. They brought one of their dogs, Barbie, to visit too. Kendal enjoyed draging the dog around and throwing it into the pool. Hayden was happy to not to be getting picked on by Kendal for a few days.

Last week we went camping in Muskegon, we have been going every summer for the past 3 years. Every year gets better. We went to Michigan Adventure. Kendal had a blast at the water park. Hayden is like me, she only wants to cool of in the water then she is done with the water. They tried out a few rides, Kendal cried and Hayden had a blast since she was finally big enough to ride the rides. We spent the evenings swimming at the camp ground. Kendal is a fish, most nights at 9-9:30 I had to drag her out of the water. She will swim all by her self, as long as she has her life jacket on. Hayden played in the sand most of the time. We enjoyed camp fires, smores and didn't enjoy lots of mosquito bites. We went to Lake Michigan for an afternoon too. Kendal and Mike spent tons of time in the water chasing minnows and trying to put catch them. Hayden was super excited to hold the baby minnows, and Mike was putting them inside the top of her bathing suit and she would try to squish them before the minnows fell out and back into the water. On the way home we stopped in Kalamazoo to visit with Mike Auber and Sara. Mike and Kendal enjoyed Aubers big pool in his back yard. Again I had to drag both of them out. We are looking forward to next years camping trip already.

Enjoy some new pictures.

More pictures to follow. I have a ton to look through.