Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring is here! We are going to have another great weekend so hopefully we get to spend some time outside. Last Saturday was great as well. My parents threw Hayden a party to celebrate her 1st birthday. We invited the entire family so there was a big turnout. Everything went well and we had a great time. Hayden really is getting good at this birthday cake thing. Thanks to everyone for coming and all the gracious gifts! Some recent pictures below from the party and over the last week. I posted a video of Hayden getting in some walking practice. She will be on her own in no time.

Hayden and the Dora Truck from Mike Schmidt on Vimeo.

First bite

Evelyn wanted nothing to do with her cake... kind of like Kendal on her 1st

All smiles


All done

Hayden and Aunt Maggie

Posing for a photo op

Grandma Schmidt with one tired baby

Princess Kendal

Grandpa caught a frog for Kendal

Hayden was pulling its leg

Kendal let it go... I wish this pic was not blurry

We stopped at Cabela's on the way home

What a smile

Nice hair

Playing nice... yea right

Yes, I'm cute

Very cute

Me too!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hayden had her one year check up today. She is slowly gaining weight and growing. We got the OK to start whole milk once all the breast milk is gone. Dr. Kerin thinks she probably has outgrown some of her allergies and we are also slowly trying to get rid of her medication.

Here are her one year stats:

15 lbs 8 oz (below 3%)
28 3/4 inches (50%)

So she is probably going to be one skinny kid. We finally got out the 6-9 month clothes. It is funny to see her in Kendal's old clothes. Kendal was in this size at about 4 months. I looked back at the blog from when Kendal was a baby and she was over 15 lbs at 3 months and 27 inches. Amazing how different sisters can be.

Here's what Hayden has been up to lately.

She is a crawling freak, and has no desire to walk except for along furniture.

She is a very pickey eater. She has about 5 bottles a day with 4-5oz of breast milk, and baby food or table food at all meals.

She is a horrible sleeper. She has been going to bed around 8pm and up 1-2 times per night. She is up for good around 7 am. Naps vary, if she takes a long one in the morning then she doesn't take one in the afternoon.

She babbles all day long.

She can say baba, mama, dada, Cheeto, bad boy, uh oh, tickle tickle and something that sounds like Kendal and Hayden. Maybe she will be like her sister in the talking area.

She is drinking juice from a sippy cup when she is in the mood, we will start with the cup instead of her bottle when we add whole milk.

She loves her sister and follows her everywhere. Kendal loves Hayden too. They play well together.

She loves our animals and enjoys tormenting Cheeto and Tigger.

She loves to sneak up the stairs when we forget to close the gait.

She is a blessing and we are grateful to have her in our lives.

I also went back to the old blog posts and got baby pics of Mike and I. I think Hayden is a clone. What do you think?

Mike as a baby

Mandy(Left) and Marnie(Right)

Another one of Marnie

And another

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Hayden doesn't actually turn one until Friday but we had a little party for her up here in Michigan this past weekend. We just had close friends over so nothing big. With the crappy weather outside our house was pretty packed though. There were over a dozen little kids so you can imagine the chaos. Everything went great and I'm sure Hayden had a good time, especiallly with her first birthday cake! Quite the contrast from Kendal who wanted nothing to do with her cake on her 1st birthday.

Hayden thanks you very much for the gifts, just stopping by to say hi was enough. Some recent pictures and videos are below:

Hayden's Birthday - Mi

Hayden Talking

Hayden's Birthday - Mi from Mike Schmidt on Vimeo.

Hayden Talking from Mike Schmidt on Vimeo.

Birthday girl

Kendal helping Hayden out with her presents

Hayden and her baby

Sleepy Hayden staring at Esser

Timmy and Hayden

Kendal and Ben playing on the Sit n' Spin

Ben riding the Giddy Up n' Go Pony


Hayden's cake

First bite

Getting some help...

The aftermath

Clean me up mommy

Maddy's good friend Rylee on the pony

Timmy with Hayden ready for bed

Steve and Jenny's baby Ella