Monday, July 30, 2007

Mike Kendal and I enjoyed another beautify weekend here in Michigan. We went to Kensington Park on Sat, to take a bike ride and to cool off in their new water park. The water was a little cold but it was still fun. The entire bike trail around the lake is about 8 miles, about 5.5 miles into the trail we saw a sign that said trail closed ahead. So, we had to turn around and go back the way we came. Our 8 mile bike ride turned into 11 miles. Luckily Kendal slept about a hour of the ride.

Sunday, after I cut the grass and Mike worked on edging, some how Greg talked Mike into putting up the pool Kendal got for her birthday. It was finally filled up around 6 last night. None of the adults were brave enough to jump in, so we talked Oliva and Brendon into swimming in the pool. After about 10 minutes the poor little mouths were chattering so badly they had to get out. We enjoyed a nice bar-b-que with our friends. Then Mike and I stayed up watching a shark documentary, looks like I am never snorkeling in the ocean again.

Today Kendal, Sarah, Ben and I packed a small picnic and headed back to Kensington so the kids could play in the water. The water was much warmer today, and since it was so freaking hot here it was actually refreshing. Kendal should have taken a nap before we went; Sarah finally got to see a crabby Kendal. All was going good until a girl turned around to fast and knocked Kendal over. Kendal was OK, except for a fat bloody lip; she must have bit her lip when she fell. We packed up and headed home, we weren't even out of the parking lot and Kendal was already snoring, Ben soon followed. Kendal is acting fine after her nap this afternoon and the fat lip is gone.

Kendal's new word for the week... Mike. Enjoy some new pictures. Feel free to leave comments.

Yes, Mike is vacuuming the sidewalk

Kendal eating corn

Off to the water

Checking out guys at the pool

Happy baby

Kendal's favorite face to make

Kendal actually wearing her helmet


Jaclynn said...

Glad you guys had a good weekend without us. Seems like you didn't miss us at all! Hey, is that a pony tail in Kendal's hair? Love it! Where did you get the pink and brown bathing suit. My niece has the same one and I would love to get one for Maddy to match Brooke as we will be seeing them in 2 weekends and then again Labor Day weekend. She would just think that is so cool if her and Maddy were matching.

Mike Schmidt said...

I work smarter not harder! thanks hunny...