Sunday, January 11, 2009

This past weekend my sister and my dad made a trip up to Michigan to babysit while Mike and I had a night out together. It took them over 4 hours to get here because of the snow storm. We got about 10-12 inches total over the weekend. It appears that they enjoyed their time with the girls as much as Mike and I enjoyed the time together.

We went out to eat at the Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant. They had good food, but very pricy. Then we went Glow Bowling. Mike kicked my butt 2 games and I actually won a game. I only won because Mike was trying out new ways to put spin on the ball. I was just praying that my ball would make it down the alley. We stayed in a hotel Sat night. Our room had a 2 person Jacuzzi in it. Very nice. Sunday morning we woke up early and missed our babies so we rushed home and brought everyone back to the hotel to go swimming. Hayden loved being in the pool, she kicked and splashed for over an hour. Kendal is still kinda of a scardy cat around the water, but as long as she was holding on to someone she was OK. Looks like we will have to invest in swimming lessons again this year.

Except for the snow storm this weekend, I would say this was a great weekend. Thanks again Mandy and Dad for making the trip up to watch the girls.

Enjoy the pics... and Happy Birthday Grandpa Schmidt!

Kendal playing in a snowstorm…

Snow Angels!

Auntie Mandy and Hayden

Cheeto was on his way to the vet and Kendal wanted to join him

Hayden riding her Dora car!

Grandpa Taz feeding Hayden

Before the big night out

Mommy and daddy at dinner

Mommy and Hayden

Catch me momma

Daddy and Kendal

Daddy and Hayden

It’s too hot daddy!

Taz and Kendal

The whole family…

I like donuts

Your goofy momma

Nice hat daddy

All on my own!

Look at me momma