Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Today Hayden finally took the plunge and started crawling. She is still working on perfecting it but she will be cruzing around the room in no time. Today she also furniture walked the entire length of the ottoman. I think it was because I left her standing there when I went to go cook dinner and she was looking for me.

Kendal is getting better at the whole potty thing. We have invented the poop monster who comes to get little girls who poop their pants. Kendal has been doing very good since we came up with the poop monster. She has been wearing real underwear over her pull ups which also seems to be helping.

Tonight Mike let the girls take their baths together. It was Hayden's first time in the big tub, I think she liked it. She was flapping her arms like crazy. Kendal kept dumping the water bucket on Hayden's head and she acted like it didn't bother her.

Our new camera was delivered today, so hopefully no more devil eyed children.

Enjoy new pictures.

Splish splash we were taking a bath.

Daddy testing out the new camera.

Daddy did my hair.

Enough pictures already.

Who gave Daddy the brush?

I'm stuck

I did it.

Hayden loves this Dog, even if it is as big as her.


Greg and Sarah said...

Hooray for Hayden! She has been so close for awhile...glad she finally figured the head thing out! She is getting so big...tell her the neighbors say good job!