Sunday, May 06, 2007

Kendal has found a new toy to play with, the toilet! She laughs as she splashes the water all over the bathroom. She has learned how to put the toilet seat up and down, and almost has had her first swirly. I think we can all agree that Kendal should not be doing this much more so we invested in some toilet seat locks... if we could only figure out how to work them?

Believe it or not Kendal has gotten even faster up the steps... we managed to get some of it on video. See below. Since this is not something we think she should be doing on her own we bought a couple gates for the steps this evening. Mike installed them without swearing once... good job hunny!

Last night was sweet, we had about 20 people over for Cinco de Mayo... 6 of them were kids under 4 years old... thus, it was eventful. Gladly nothing or no one got broken. After the kids went to sleep the old folks had a few pops and relaxed. Good night, were still feeling it tonight.

We took a trip down to T-Town today to drop off a baby shower present for Esser and Christina. They both were doing great, the house is coming along nicely and the nursery is almost complete. Good work Esser! Are you sure you’re ready to be a papa?

Other than that, things are going well. Mike is almost done with the basement. He put the plasma TV on the wall so he can't have too much left. We will post some pictures soon enough I'm sure. Mike's golf league started last week and he said he did well. Swim class tomorrow! Take care everyone!

Kendal climbing some steps

Kendal in the toilet

Some recent pictures are below:

All smiles before my swimming lessons

Check out my new wheels

The picture says it all!

Maddy with Cheeto's bone

Brenden about to take Maddy out... he really did!

Kendal stole Maddy's sippy cup

Marnie and Maddy

Sombreros for Cinco de Mayo!