Sunday, May 20, 2007

Well, the weekend is over... and we are definately not ready for a 2nd child! It would not have been that bad if Kendal wasn't so sick and we didn't have to go to the pediatrician again on Saturday and the Urgent Care today. Kendal's fever got up to 103.6 degrees a couple times. Scary huh. Motrin would bring the fever down, but only for so long. They finally figured out what was wrong with her today and she is on antibiotics and should be good to go in 48 hours. She has a bladder infection. The doc said it was from to many bubble baths! Seems kind of odd, huh. He said two baths a week and not to put the soap in the water, just on her wash cloth. As well, no extended play time in the tub... boo!

On Saturday, Laura and Dave brought Max over for some play time with Kendal. What a happy kid he is, always smiling! I think Kendal has a crush. Sorry Ben. Thanks for the Octabong Dave!

Today was a little chilly out, but Marnie still managed to take both babies for a walk while I helped Greg with his deck. It turned out nice... now we can have cookouts at the Abbott's this summer! We spent the rest of the day trying to relax after Jaclynn and Jason picked up Maddy. She did great this weekend; What a well behaved kid... take some pointers Kendal!

A few videos and some pictures from this weekend are below... go Cavs!

Big Ben on Saturday night!

A long one of Maddy and Kendal (56K no way!)

Cheeto in his bed

Kendal and her ducky... I'm sick mom!

Miss Maddy!

No, we did not give him the beer


Marnie and Max

Big Ben!

Max beating up Ben

Ben fighting back

Bad Kendal

Kendal and Maddy's first bath together