Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Little Kendal Marie is 4 months old today! The past month has been great. She is really starting to use her hands a lot now. She grabs onto toys, her bib, just about anything you put in front of her… including your face! She really likes to grab noses and pinch.
Kendal did get her first cold this month and pink eye… twice. She still has a little cough that just doesn’t seem to go away. Our pediatrician said we can’t give her any medicine until she is at least six months old. In fact, they don’t recommend anything until the age of one. They said we should give her 2 teaspoons of corn syrup, twice a day. Doesn’t seem to be doing much… any ideas? We are not too worried as she has not gotten a fever and it does not bother her at all, she is almost always in a great mood! Again, we have got to be the luckiest parents!

Well, daycare is a weekly event now. We call it school around here. She will be starting to learn sign language when she is 6 months, but as you can see below she is already at the head of her class!

Kendal at my company picnic. Look at her right hand close.

Kendal’s clothes got stuck on her head… she seemed to like them there??

Kendal sleeping in mommy and daddy’s bed… don’t get too comfy!