Tuesday, October 16, 2007

In case you have not heard... Marnie is pregnant! Yup, that’s right, baby #2 is on the way. She is already 14 weeks pregnant so the baby is due mid April. We finally started to tell people this weekend, so don't feel left out if you are just finding out now.

So far this pregnancy has been a little different than with Kendal. Marnie can actually eat and has not been as sick. Maybe it's because she just knows what to expect or maybe it IS different... hint hint. Mike jr. on the way? Either way is fine with us. If it’s a girl we are ready to go in terms to toys, clothes, etc. If it’s a boy, we have some work to do. We will see... we actually may find out in November at our next ultrasound. We will keep you posted.

Marnie has had three ultrasounds already. Pics below. She signed up for a U of M growth study so she gets free ultrasounds every month... not a bad deal. Other than holding this exciting news to ourselves for so long, things are going great. Marnie is obviously tired all the time since she is growing a baby, so I have had to pick it up around the house.

As for Kendal, she is wonderful as always. Still growing like a weed and discovering something new everyday! Recent pictures and a few videos are below:

Ultrasound at 7 weeks

Ultrasound at 8 weeks

Ultrasound at 12 weeks - Picture 1

Ultrasound at 12 weeks - Picture 2

Kendal and Maddy driving... sort of

Kendal and Marnie playing after dinner

Kendal and Grandpa Schmidt

Kendal listening to some tunes...

Kendal and Aunt Maggie... Boo!

Mandy turns 30!

Kendal cleaning up after the party.


Isis said...

Congratulations to you three!! I'm extremely happy for you and I KNOW Kendal is going to be a great big sister.

Also, its is good to hear that Marnie is doing better this time around.

Take care of yourselves and if you need anything: help or company - just call.

P.S. Go Indians!!