Thursday, October 02, 2008

So what has happened over the last month...? I could likely go on and on but I will try and make it short.

- We got Hayden's ears pierced! She was a trooper and barely cried. You will see them in many of the pictures below.

- We took a trip to Toledo for Massari's wedding. Except for the Bucks getting smoked, the weekend was perfect. Marnie and I had a great time together. My parents came up to watch the kids.

- Hayden is finally growing! She is on some medicine for reflux and we seem to be managing it well enough. She is back to sleeping through the night! We (actually just Marnie) started giving her baby food as well. She seems to like it.

- Kendal is well... Kendal. She amazes us everyday with new things she figures out or new phrases she says. If we could only get her to use the potty every time… How about go to bed before 10pm... soon enough.

- We spent a day down at the lake with the Abbotts. It was nice to get in one more nice day outside before winter rolls in. We had to turn the heat on last night! On the way down we took a pit stop at an apple orchard so the kids could see the animals.

Other than that, business as usual. Take care everyone! Pics below: