Friday, March 06, 2009

We have had some nice weather lately and hope it lasts as the girls enjoy playing outside compared to being cooped up in the house. Kendal's first time outside this year she bolted to Ben's front door and started knocking. We can't wait until this summer when they can play outside all the time... it might be hard keeping track of Kendal though as she has always has been a wanderer.

Last weekend we had Potty Training Boot Camp. We are going to have tons more laundry before this is all done. We know Kendal is ready; she is just too busy in her head to actually go to the bathroom. If we bribe her with something, she can immediately go on the potty.

So far this week she is doing better. We are still having accidents and tons of extra laundry but it will be worth it in the long run. Kendal did have one full day of no accidents including naps and at night. Hopefully this keeps up; we’re tired of changing 2 kids.

We are busy getting ready for vacation. Kendal has been practicing her fishing skills every night. She has been catching a lot of mommy-fish, tree-fish, Sobe-fish and Tigger-fish. She has the reeling part down, and I can tell already she is going to cast like her mama. Poor kid, hopefully she gets some of Mike's athleticism.

Hayden is a crawling freak. She is so fast, and getting into everything. She is starting to climb up the steps; we have to remember to lock the gates again. She is constantly babbling. Mike says she will say Uh oh, I have yet to hear it. Recent pics and a video below:

Princess Hayden

Princess Hayden from Mike Schmidt on Vimeo.

I don't want to play any more!

Unless we go outside though...



Kendal and daddy making some extra valentines...

Naked baby!

Crashed after a good meal.