Monday, August 24, 2009

The last few weeks have been much less eventful than the previous weeks this summer. This was a welcome change as we have already done more this summer than the previous two combined. So what have we been up to? We made a trip back to Cleveland to attend a reception at Mandy and Paul's... we also went to baby Ella's 1st birthday party this past weekend. Good times. Kendal and Hayden are great as always. Hayden appears to be growing a bit more lately than usual... this is good but the 3am wake up calls to eat is not. Either way we are happy she is putting a few pounds on. We actually switched her car seat around and gave her a TV screen as well in the van. Spoiled huh. We love it.

The weather went from hot to cold fast but lets hope this weekend turns out ok as we have our annual camping trip with the neighbors. I'm sure there will be plenty of pictures to post. For now see all the recent pics below:


Bill said...

The second picture featured in the August 24 posting has Maggie holding Kendal, and Dan JR. (Marnie's cousin)holding Emily (His daughter). The third picture has Laura (Dan JR's Wife)holding Amy Marie (Emily's Sister), Marnie holding Hayden, Maggie still holding Kendal, and Mandy holding Emily. This all took place at Paul and Mandy's Wedding Barbecue on August 8 at their home in Barberton. (By the way, for those outside Northeast Ohio who have read the aforementioned blog, Cleveland is just a generic catchall to cover our area. Akron works better in this case. If you want to see the clearer picture, read my blog.)