Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Well, we usually don't post two days in a row, but today has been a day we won't soon forget. The day started off like every other day waking up about 6am to get Kendal ready for school (daycare). After I got Kendal all bundled up and ready to go, we were walking down the steps and I seemed to have missed the third step. I was holding her on my chest with her head over my left shoulder. By the time I reached the bottom she was face down over my right hip. My back immediately started to hurt and Kendal started screaming at the top of her lungs. Marnie was right behind me and immediately picked up Kendal to try and calm her down. After I got myself up I realized I did not break anything (I think) but will have some pretty severe bruising (already started!). Kendal did not stop crying for at least an hour and she was just not acting like her normal self, so we took her to the ER to make sure she was ok. A ton of people came to see her and could not find anything wrong with her. Everyone was basically focusing on her head since that was everyone's biggest concern. When she fell I took the big blow so she was fairly protected, we don't even think her head hit anything. The one thing Marnie did notice was that she would not put any weight on her left foot... we initially thought is was because she got a flu shot in that same leg yesterday and that it could be sore. We got X-rays anyway and found a fracture just above her left knee. The break was one of the better forms of a fracture to have (buckle fracture). The cast goes from her hip to her toes to make sure it stays in place. The doctors said should be all healed up in a couple weeks and will never know it happened. They also said the fracture was out of the growth plate so this should not lead to any issues in the future. I guess it could have been worse. What a day. A picture of her X-ray is below and she was all smiles when we finally got home. Lets hope tonight is better!


Jaclynn said...

The cast is so cute! Kendal will be fine. Actually, if you are going to break a bone, its better to do it when you're young because you heal so much faster.