Sunday, February 11, 2007

Let's see, since our last post Kendal has gotten one of her top front teeth, got a bad case of bronchitis, and an ear infection. Then today, her second tooth on top started to pop through. So, I guess you can say we had a pretty crummy week. Kendal has decided to stop drinking her milk, so we are trying popsicles, watermelon, and pedialyte to keep her hydrated or the doctor told us she will have to go to the hospital for IV fluids. Anyone have any other suggestions for us? Oh, I did try Gatorade, but she didn't like it. Even with Kendal feeling crummy we went to Steve and Jenny Cichy's Euchre tournament last night. She was a hit, flirting with all of the young guys. She was a trooper, and slept through a pretty loud party without a peep. Below are a few pictures from the last week. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

hi guys kendle is getting so big.and a cutie. u should try some jellowater for her if she gets sick again.thats with ma used to give us and grandkids when they got sick. just put some water not to cold ,in bottle or sippycup.when open a box of jello 1 teaspoon or so for color & flavor shake it up .and shes ready to go hope thats next time love yas ONEY XXOOXX