Friday, February 02, 2007

Today was another big day for the Schmidt Family. Kendal's leg is all healed up and the cast came off. YEAH!!! Believe it or not, we made it 2 weeks and 2 days without an explosive poop getting into her cast. Kendal is already acting like the cast was never there. She got to take her first bath in over 2 weeks, and boy was she happy. She has started crawling, well kind of. She only has figured out how to go backwards, but before we know it she will have the forward thing figured out and we are going to be in trouble. We also noticed today that her two top front teeth are starting to come in. All kinds of stuff to write about today. A bunch of new pictures are below. Enjoy.

Kendal driving her new truck... thanks mom!

Now can you tell who Kendal looks like?

Audri (our babysitter) managed to get both babies to fall asleep. How did she carry both?

Playing in my exersaucer even with my cast

You are supposed to crawl towards the toys, not away from them

I crashed the car dad... :> It's OK, mommy will buy you a new one!

I really do like this new truck!

Check out my two teeth...

There's nothing under the hood dad?


Push me faster Maddy!

On my way to get my cast off! It sure is cold out...

Minutes after the cast was removed... I did not cry once

Home again and already working on the new truck