Tuesday, June 19, 2007

As promised, here are some of the pictures/video we have compiled over the last two weeks from our cameras and friends/family.

First are more pictures from Kendal's Ohio Birthday Party!

Kendal and Cousin Andrea

Kendal beating her Dora pinata

Mommy giving Kendal her first cake!

I don't like it mom...

Kendal and Grandpa Taz

Come to me!

You eat the cake!

My bottle!

Kendal and Aunt Mandy

Below are videos from Kendal's Ohio party:

Kendal beats her Dora piƱata!

Now it’s Dylan’s turn… nice swing buddy.

Daddy breaks in Kendal’s new tricycle.

Kendal’s first cake… then Marnie makes her cry :< (56K Beware)

Now, videos from Kendal's Michigan party and over the last week:

Kendal wants nothing to do with cake again...

Kendal feeds Maddy!
(56K Beware)

Kendal and her popper toy!

Kendal attacking one of her stuffed animals!

Kendal and her bean bag!

Finally, pictures from Kendal's Michigan party and over the last week:

I like to warm my butt by the fire...

Look at my new bug!

I see you...

Let me out please!

I like corn.

Maddy too!

Let's go!

Do we really have to do this a third time!

Maddy's first beer.


Auntie Mandy said...

Mike, is about time that you posted those!! Slacker!! Kendal is growing so fast, it is nice for us who are so far away to be able to see what a cutie she is growing up to be. I bet she has the coolest car on the block.