Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sorry about the two week gap between posts... we really have no excuse since everything is going great… I could have come up with some good excuses, but we want to teach Kendal that lying is bad. :>

Kendal's 2nd party in Michigan went great as expected. Clearly not as big of a turnout as her first party in Ohio... still just as much fun though! She did great again and actually ate some cake this time! A dip in her pool was all she needed to clean up. She got plenty more presents to add to the wonderful selection of toys she has. Thanks everyone! This kid is clearly spoiled. Thank god we built a room in the basement or we would have to start stacking her toys to the ceiling. Believe it or not, her favorite toy so far is... a bean bag, yup a simple little pillow of foam balls. Since she is walking now... she gets going as fast as she can (not too fast) and takes a dive head first into the bean bag laughing hysterically the whole time. It makes my day every time she does that. Her other favorites were one of the many balloons she received at the Michigan party. The last one is just about to die, but everyone sure got there monies worth out of them.

Other than the party, things have been normal around the house. We can never keep up with the cleaning, but we get by with the essentials. We finally got outside to tidy up the landscaping and add some flowers. I got my brick pavers project done so they finally go all the way around the house. No more edging!

Kendal is still amazing us every day with something new. This kid is unreal! She has got to be the happiest kid alive. We wake her up at 6am everyday (most days :>) where we are immediately met with a huge smile on her face. Most nights she dozes off in peace with that same smile. All day long she is content in whatever is going on. Her laugh resembles that of a clown, almost scary. I think she gets that from me as Marnie always says I have to stupidest most annoying laugh.

Since we got Marnie her bike for Mother’s day and the bike trailer for her birthday she has been doing a lot of riding with Kendal. It’s hard with the extreme heat we have had lately, but Kendal is getting better. I have been borrowing a bike to tag along when I could so Marnie got me a bike as well for Father’s day. Thanks hunny!

Since its lunchtime and I’m at work I don’t have our cameras to update the latest pictures/video so look for that this evening or later this week. Hope all is well with everyone. Thanks again to everyone that made it out to the parties; it’s nice to have so many great friends and family to share our lives with.