Monday, February 04, 2008

Long time no post... sorry. All is well in the Schmidt household; we just seem to never get around to posting lately. We will try and do better but I doubt it right now as we close in on baby number 2.

So what’s new with Kendal Marie... we pretty much gave up on the potty training thing for awhile as it got old really quick taking here to the potty 5 times a day to have her just sit there smiling saying "potty" and clapping her hands. She enjoys unrolling to toilet paper and throwing whatever she can in the toilet. Maybe next month.

In anticipation of Kendal's little sister we bought Kendal a little baby doll that looks and feels real to see how she will react when we hold it or put it down for a nap. I have no idea if other parents do this but we figured we would try it as Kendal did not do so well when a new baby started coming to daycare. Kendal was always the "baby" so she was not too nice to the new baby at first. Thus, we seem to be experiencing the same thing with "pretend" baby sister. When we bring the doll out she has to hold it and feed it, but that is as good as it gets. When she is done she just chucks the baby across the room. If you try to take the doll back she pulls an arm or gives it a wack. We are going to keep trying. We are open to any other suggestions???

Kendal had a 1 year x-ray on her left leg that broke last year... how did that happen again? Don't remind me! The results were great! Everything is perfectly healed up and the doctor said you could not tell it was ever broken. The growth plate is fine and both legs are exactly the same length. Great news!

Kendal had a couple visitors this weekend and got some new clothes and toys from grandpa "papa" and grandma "baba" Schmidt this weekend. She really enjoyed getting into all kinds of trouble with them. It is nice to get some help on the weekends that Marnie is working. Thanks.

Marnie is hanging in there. Doing quite well I must say. She looks amazing for being almost 30wks pregnant! Still helping out around the house in addition to taking on a new hobby... cooking! Not just typical pasta or hamburger helper, but real food! From scratch and lots of it! Sometimes more than one meal a day. I'm really proud of her as she is getting really good at it. She watches cooking TV shows, bought a stack of cook books, etc. I'm sure we will me making some upgrades in the kitchen soon. The only downside is the size of my stomach... its been doing a bit of stretching lately.

Other than that, not much else new. The game last night was one of the better Super Bowl’s I have ever seen... our volleyball team is 24-0 and on the lookout for a new name now... Take care everyone! Recent pics below:

Kendal and her "Beep Beep"

Look at my hair now...

Look what I figured out!

Kendal and Maddy


Why do you keep doing this to my hair?

Freeze Sucka!

Yes, I know how cute I am!


Kendal taking a nap with Grandma Schmidt

No, you cannot get a piano Kendal...

Kendal's first (and only) use on the potty.