Saturday, February 23, 2008

So what's new in the last two weeks... First off, Marnie is doing great still. She struggles getting comfortable at night so getting enough sleep is becoming an issue. No major problems though, so we are just counting down the days! We are still concerned about how Kendal will react, but I'm sure it will all work out in the end. We decided to do the first two weeks just like when Kendal was born; no visitors, just us all getting to know each other.

We are still trying the potty training thing here and there. Kendal went twice in one day for me last weekend! Still progressing slowly so we will see.

Valentines Day was fun... Marnie and Kendal gave me a surprise visit at work with flowers and candy! Thanks hunny! I got made fun of for having flowers on my desk, but I think they are all just jealous that I have such a great wife! Greg and Sarah watched Kendal for us so Marnie and I could go out for a romantic dinner... Quizno's it was since Marnie was not feeling up to a traditional sit down dinner. Either way it was nice to have some time alone. Thanks neighbors!

Volleyball is still going well, we had a few weeks off and then a snow day, but we played again this past Thursday and did well despite being a little rusty. Sarah was this weeks MVP, me on the other hand missed a ball and took it off the head, not good. Funny to watch I assume.

Other than that, we are just hanging in there for a few more months. Work is going well for both of us. The company I work for is struggling just like the entire automotive industry, but I've been surprisingly busy working on some really challenging projects lately. Future development is what I love to do and keeps me going to work every day... just never on time :) I'm heading down south in a few weeks for a long weekend of golf. Very excited about that. Make sure to check out Maddy and Ben's blogs as there are some good pictures and video with Kendal in them. Good stuff. Recent pictures below:

Kendal getting dressed in her Urkel tights...

Kendal and the lid to Greg's birthday cake.

Maddy's turn!

Now Ben's!

Kendal trying to take a nap on the couch.

Kendal imitating a walrus with some green beans.

Kendal and Maddy watching some Saturday morning cartoons!


Jaclynn said...

Thanks for watching Maddy this morning guys! Looks like they got along for a little bit to watch cartoons. Glad you finally updated the blog too!