Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ok, I know it has been a really long time since I actually have posted something. I don't have a good excuse, I have just been lazy. Plus Mike has been trying out new software for the videos, so he has been doing the updates.

Kendal has been enjoying the weather we have had lately, cold one day nice the next. Kendal loves the snow, especially as a snack. We will probably have to get a snow cone machine this summer so she can have her snow cups she enjoys. We have been going on a lot of walks in our new wagon. Maddy and Ben usually come along, but we don't make it very far before the girls are fighting over who gets to pull Ben in the wagon. So much for exercise, since we usually only make it around the block one time.

The kids enjoyed a night out on Sat at Castaway Cafe and got to hang out with Shrek and Puss-n-Boots. I had to work so Mike and his parents took Kendal. Maddy, Jaclynn, Ben, Greg and Sarah also were there. From what I heard the kids had fun running around. Maddy and Kendal made it to the top of the play structure and rode down the big slide with Mike. When they got home, Kendal was telling me all about the kitty and Shrek while I was getting her ready for bed. It is amazing what can come out of this kids mouth.

We have been getting ready for Baby #2. Kendal has her own baby swing, stroller, and pack-n-play that she can put her babies in. We have been working on holding the baby dolls with Kendal. Sometimes she is good other times not so much. I was down in the basement and Kendal was up stairs, I heard a thump thump down the steps. Kendal was standing at the top of the steps and her baby was down stairs. She told me, "Baby downstairs now." I tried to tell her that we don't throw babies down the steps, and she just laughed at me. We are all set for the new baby now we just have to wait. We think that Kendal will be good once we are home with the baby.

Sorry no belly pics, I don't let people take pictures of me. We will keep you updated as our waiting continues. We should start a poll on when Baby #2 is going to arrive and how much she will weigh. I will have Mike start that. Lots of recent pictures and videos below:

Kendal and Maddy Dancing

Kendal and Maddy going down the slide!

Ben's Turn

Greg takes Ben!


Maddy's turn with some slow motion replay...

Jaclynn takes Kendal and Maddy

Kendal and Maddy one more time...!

Kendal's mullet

Kendal and Maddy sharing... Very rare!

All the kids eating at the Kreider's

Maddy giving Kendal a hug goodbye

Kendal's Pretty's...

Ben at Castaway Cafe a few weeks ago with Kendal

Ben and Kendal sharing the baby pack-n-play

Kendal watching TV in the baby stroller

Kendal borrowed Ben's bandana

Jaclynn with all the kids

You think Maddy will be a cheerleader?

Kendal and Maddy sharing again...

All grown up heading into Shrek Night at Castaway Cafe

Kendal and Grandma Schmidt


Kendal and Grandpa Schmidt

The kids posing for a picture...

Maddy sneaks a kiss... oh no!

Ben showing off his guns!

Jaclynn taking Maddy and Kendal down a slide

Kendal, Mike, and Maddy up top!

Grandpa Schmidt showing Kendal Shrek... all the kids were afraid of him!

Kendal and Daddy getting a picture with Shrek!

Kendal and Mike ready to go home!

Kendal gives Ben a hug goodbye!