Sunday, April 20, 2008

All is going good at the Schmidt house. So far it has been fairly easy, but we will see what happens this week when Mike goes back to work.

Kendal actually has been helping getting diapers and finding the TV remote for me when I accidentally misplace it for the millionth time. Kendal seems like such a big girl now. She is talking in sentences and her English is probably better than mine most of the time. She is able to count to 5 and say her ABC's, when she is in the mood. She is obsessed with birds right now, so she has been keeping us busy outside looking for birds. She loves looking in the pond at all of our fish. She was good this weekend so we took her to buy a new fish, she wanted a green fish. We settled on a yellow one, a white one, a calico one and two bull frog tadpoles (the green fish). So now we will have to let her feed them when it is nice outside. I hope the nice weather keeps up, the minute Kendal wakes up she is asking to go outside.

Hayden is a good baby. She normally sleeps 4-5 hour stretches at night, so I normally only have to get up once during the night with her. I hope that doesn't change when her jaundice is completely gone. She is becoming more alert and losing the new born look. She still is so little compared to Kendal at this age. Hayden is still in preemie clothes; maybe another week and we can start actually putting outfits on her instead of pj's all the time.

Two cute video links are below. One is of Hayden on her first night in the hospital. The other is of Kendal; it is kind of gross but too funny not to share. We are glad we invested in a video camera for moments like these! Mike still laughs out loud every time he watches it. Enjoy.

Hayden Hiccups!

Kendal's Booger


Jaclynn said...

Oh my gosh I can't stop laughing. I had to watch it twice because it was so funny! You have to send that in to is hilarious.

Brooke said...

Congratulations on another beautiful, healthy baby girl! We are so happy for you! Hopefully we will get to meet her in June.
Oh, and Kendal's booger video is absolutely hilarious!
Take care,
Brooke, Brad, and Rylee