Thursday, April 17, 2008

We made it through the first week! Everyone is doing great and our new larger family has settled in nicely. Bringing Hayden home the first night was rough as she did not go to sleep until 5:30 in the morning! Good thing we had family around to take care of Kendal for us! All the Grandparents, Aunt Maggie, Mandy, and Uncle Timmy made the trip up to see everyone. It sure was a big help. Kendal and Hayden got lots of presents too! Thanks everyone! The 2nd night was better, and by the 3rd she was sleeping great between feedings!

Hayden became a little jaundice when she got home and we had to go get her blood drawn every few days so the doctors could keep an eye on it. It got better every day and she is well on her way back to normal now. It's no fun watching her get woken up by getting pricked in the heel to draw blood! Marnie does fine with that stuff but I'm a wimp.

Other than that, Hayden's first week has gone well; she is gaining some weight back and is just a few ounces shy of her birth weight. The kid eats great but she sure spits up a lot more than Kendal ever did! We still can't get over how she has almost no hair when Kendal came out with more hair than I have now! What Hayden does have is as blonde as can be. She has a birth mark under her nose and on the back of her neck. The doctor said they are the kind that should fade in a year or so. She also has the "angel kiss" spot of her forehead like Kendal only fainter. A perfectly healthy little girl! All we could ask for!

All the neighbors stopped by the hospital to meet baby Hayden and have been a huge help over the last week by cooking for us and taking Kendal off our hands to go to the park, bike rides, etc. Thanks everyone! Plenty of gifts as well, much appreciated!

Kendal is doing great too... she has adapted quite well to being a big sister. We have been doing our best to pay equal attention to her as well and it seems to be working. Our first walk around the block was interesting as Kendal had to be pushed in a stroller like her little sister! She is a little rough holding Hayden at times but is getting better! She did great today when we got their pictures taken! She has not woken up once at night even if Hayden is screaming at the top of her lungs. Overall, I don't think it could be going much better. I plan to go back to work next week. Good luck hunny! At least Kendal will go to daycare 3 days a week still. On to a ton more pictures below!

Everything is a-okey mom (look at my left hand)

Hayden's first visitor... Jaclynn

Aunt Mandy and Hayden

Grandma Schmidt and Hayden

Big Yawn...

Aunt Maggie and Hayden

Mandy, Marnie, and Hayden

Kendal meets her little sister!

Let it out Blondie!

Daddy and Hayden

Grandpa Schmidt and Hayden

Greg and Hayden

Aunt Maggie and Hayden again

Sarah and Hayden


Kendal holding Hayden...

Time to go home!

Look at my new trucker hat!

Grandpa Taz and Hayden

Uncle Timmy and Hayden

Uncle Timmy and Kendal

Grandpa Taz and Hayden again

Kendal and Cheeto torturing Lois's dog

Kendal, mommy, and Hayden

Look at me...

Check out my shades!

Kendal riding her bike outside!

Now the pictures we got taken today...

Classic! Look at my face.