Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mike left for France last night. So I am a single mom until Monday. So far things are good. We will see how things go in the morning when I have to get both girls ready for school.

Hayden is great. She is such a happy kid. She hardly cries anymore unless she is super tired or really bored. She still hasn't gotten any teeth, but you can see the top two creeping down her gums. The way she is chewing on everything and drooling like crazy I think she will be getting a tooth soon. She is trying to crawl. It is quite humorous watching her. She will get up on her knees, push up with her arms and the momentum usually just rolls her over. Then she starts all over again. She is starting to sit up unsupported for short periods of time, it usually just makes her spit up. She is babbling like crazy, and imitating the noises we make to her. I think she is going to be a talker just like Kendal.

Kendal is also doing great. We are working at the whole potty thing, someday we will get to use big girl underwear. Kendal is very smart, and learns new things everyday, and she has a great memory. All week she has been telling me how Daddy is going on a big airplane to France to buy her a present. I hope Mike brings her a gift or I am screwed. Kendal loves to help with the dishes and wipes the island after we eat. I think she might have a little OCD in her too.

Future Cavs Cheerleader

Check out my new head band

Hayden, Mike and Kendal playing Mario Cart

Drooly baby

Kendal feeding the geese

Love you Daddy have a safe trip

We miss you Daddy

Too cute not to post