Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving went well. We celebrated on Wednesday since I had to work on Thursday. We had all of our Howell friends over so they could all have an extra thanksgiving meal. I don't think I poisoned anyone, at least I haven't heard of any poisonings. So it was 8 adults and 7 kids all packed into our house. The kids didn't care about the food, the just wanted desert. I had a ton of leftovers since everyone left the food at my house. Well at least Mike has been taking care of those for me.

Yesterday we took the girls to see Santa and did a little shopping. Kendal wanted nothing to do with Santa. She didn't scream, she kinda just pouted the entire time she was sitting on his lap. Hayden could care less who holds her so she did fine. We may try this again later this month with the girls in their Christmas outfits, just to get some better pictures. Kendal was very excited to ride the Santa train at the mall. Even better no one else was riding so she got to ring the bell the entire time.

Hayden now has her two front top teeth. Nothing on the bottom yet. She sits up unsupported. She is trying to crawl, but still can't figure out how to pick up her head once she is up on her hands and knees. She is clapping her hands and starting to give high fives.

Our house has been full of germs, Hayden was sick while Mike was in France, then I got it for a week, and now Mike and Kendal have it. So we have been running humidifiers all night and going through Kleenex like crazy. Hopefully we will all be better soon.

Enjoy a few new pics below.

Kendal on the Santa Train

Parents too cheap to pay $15 for pic with Santa

The Three Amigos

Addicted to Mario Kart