Sunday, July 12, 2009

We just came back after an awesome week of vacation. We started the week off spending the 4th of July with the Kreider’s at a parade and a BBQ later. The girls had a blast clapping at the people and collecting all the candy the people from the parade were throwing at them. The adults enjoyed the ice cream truck that handed out ice cream sandwiches to everyone.

On Sunday, Mike and I packed up the van and took the girls camping in a cabin on the west side of the state, close to Lake Michigan. We had so much fun. We took the girls to Michigan Adventure, our version of Cedar Point, which had a huge water park that was included in admission. Kendal was very brave and went down the big slide and swam with Mike in the wave pool all the way out to seven feet deep. The kids took naps in their strollers while Mike and I got in 18 holes of mini-golf where I whooped on Mike. We spent the rest of our camping adventure on Lake Michigan at Tunnel Park with the sand dunes. The girls had tons of fun at the beaches, beautiful sand but cold water. Mike enjoyed fishing with some really big catches at our camp ground. He had so much fun that he talked his parents into going again next week with him and the girls.

We somehow just discovered a nice beach within biking distance from our house this past weekend. We were at Thompson Lake by our house all day every day this past weekend. Looks like we found a new hang out place for the rest of the summer. Too bad the whole way home from the beach is pretty much uphill. Therefore I am still sore today and we had to drive the van to the beach on Sunday.

We had awesome weather this past week and really enjoyed spending time with our girls and all our friends. Too bad we had to go back to work this week. Recent pics below.


Bill said...

For the record, Michigan Adventure is in Muskegon. It is owned by the people who own Cedar Point, Wildwater Kingdom(Aurora, OH), and King's Island, among other parks. In Cedar Point country, the park is not well known. If I were into amusement parks, it could be an interesting experience.