Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!! Kendal is 2 today!

Hard to believe my first baby is 2 today. Time sure does fly by. I will post pictures later of the girls celebrating Kendal's Birthday. Today Kendal has been allowed to eat whatever she wants and was allowed to watch as many Dora and Diego videos as she wanted without any complaints. We went to the toy store and Kendal was allowed to pick out one present. She was going between a drum set and a keyboard, but I talked her into a Dora baby snuggly so Kendal can walk with her babies like I walk with Hayden. Yea right, I was going to let her get a drum set, we have enough noisy toys around our house without adding another. The weather is crummy here today, hopefully it clears up by this afternoon so we can play outside and get some pictures. Kendal got a swing set and a play house for her birthday. She has been having fun making pretend hot dogs and cookies for us on her grill. Too cute.


Grandma said...

Happy Birthday Kendal Marie. I can't believe you are already 2 years old. The time has gone so fast. You are growing up to be a beautiful little girl. Papa and Grandma love you very much. I hope you enjoy your birthday.

Love, Papa and Grandma Schmidt